Friday, February 26, 2010

lost and found

a sketch i'm working on.


ludyfied said...

Just looking through page after page of your blog. Ah, you've blossomed. I love your Avatar boards.

How long have you been at Pixar?

Oh, and the page from Spaceman comic is awesome.

Kenji Ono said...

This is great, buddy.

R.Dress said...

Hi Dean,

Great work on Penguins! Love your sketches on your blog man. Keep up the great work!


dean kelly said...

hey mike,
thanks for the kind words. we moved up here a year ago this april and i started work in june.
great to hear from you!
thanks for checking out my stuff.

mr. ono san,
the color one is done. i just have to post it.

thanks, robert!
i appreciate the love!