Tuesday, March 31, 2009

mad men

my wife is a wicked awesome graphic designer and she asked me to do an illustration
she needed for this invite she was working on.
and the theme was a 50's inspired dinner party, influenced by "Mad Men".
and here's what i came up with.


Alina Chau said...

nice illo

Chrispy said...

WOW! Your stuff is a treat, i really love your cleanliness on your boards too. What program did you use to do your boarding on? I actually just applied for a storyboard revisionist position at Nickelodeon, so im so happy when i find guys that are there, that i can learn from without having gotten the job, really great work here man, PEACE!

dean kelly said...

thanks guys!

Chrispy- thanks! i was working in photoshop on penguins. i'm no longer at nickelodeon. i'm storyboarding up at Pixar right now. and i think that looking at other people's blogs are a great way to learn and see what they're working on. blogging is such a great way to share work! thanks for checking out my blog, and good luck to you!