Wednesday, October 3, 2007

work in progress...

here's a "new" piece i've been working on.
i started it over a year ago, and i haven't colored it yet...
i'm a huge pearl jam fan.
once i get the sketch to where i feel it's good enough, and before i color it,
i scan it, print it, and throw it into this vintage type-
writer and add little notes, names, dates, etc.
i feel it adds this raw, textural quality you can only achieve with an old typewriter.
then i look through this stack of 1930's newspapers i found in the basement of my college apartment.
they're perfectly weathered and they bring this collage dimension which kinda helps tell the story a little more.
sometimes i get real lucky with finding someone's name or date.
i haven't found "pearl jam" just yet.
maybe that's why i haven't finished it.


Orin Rutchick said...

Great. I love it!

Orin Rutchick said...
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espo said...

I just came across your sight and I neeededdd to tell you how awesome this was! I am an artist as well as a DIE HARD Pearl Jam fan and this is such a cool tribute.. troubled souls unite!
<3 espo

dean kelly said...

thanks espo!
i appreciate the the kind words!
pearl jam does indeed rule.
thanks for the visit!

Moyna said...

You write very well.